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The choir aims to provide a sociable and friendly environment for members who enjoy singing together with a view to giving varied and enjoyable concerts on a regular basis.  It meets on Tuesday evenings from 7.45 to 9,30 at St Edmund’s Church Hall, King’s Croft, Allestree, Derby.  Members are encouraged to attend as regularly as possible to ensure continuity within all sections of the choir.  Pieces from a wide range of musical styles are sung and choir members are welcome to suggest songs which they would like to see added to the repertoire.  The final choice of music lies with the Musical Director.

The choir is run by a committee that is elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The committee is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the choir members, managing the finances and organising concerts.  Members of the choir can suggest subjects to be considered by approaching any committee member.

Choir subs are payable to the treasurer.  A list of payment options will be distributed by the treasurer.  Regular and prompt payment of subs is much appreciated.  Choir funds are used for expenses such as payment of the conductor, concert costs, room hire and the purchase and hire of music.
For concerts women are asked to wear a full-length black skirt or trousers, dark tights and black shoes and a plain, sleeved black top.  A scarf or corsage will be provided by the choir.  Men are asked to wear a black dinner jacket and trousers, a white shirt, and black shoes and socks. A bow tie will be provided.  Concert music needs to be organised in a black folder, which will be provided by the choir.

New Members
The Musical Director has a responsibility to maintain the balance of the choir and, within this constraint, new members will be welcome to attend rehearsals for a trial period.  If this is satisfactory and if space is available in the appropriate section of the choir they will be offered a place.